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Kristina has been incredible helpful, providing me with useful tips and tricks to help my fussy son try healthier foods. Kristina’s nutritional advice is always extremely knowledgeable,in-depth and very encouraging. From the guidance Kristina has provided me with, I am happy to say I have a son who is now willing to try healthy foods and very much enjoys what he is eating. I would definitely recommend Kristina to anyone who needs nutritional advice to live a healthier life. Thanks Kristina

Emma Jane Ellis

Attended Kristina's soughdough workshop which I really enjoyed. I have tried to make soughdough lots of times and always failed. kristina gave simple clear instructions and I made a delicious professional looking loaf. Thank you for teaching me Kristina 😊

Amy Hawkins

Kristina provided me with an amazing overall health assessment, extensive nutrition plan, including recipes, supplements, advice on lifestyle changes and continual support throughout my flare up of psoriasis. I additionally saw her for advice on stress and would highly recommend her. I found her approachable and friendly and full of information on baking, recipes, herbal medicines, plants, and of course stories of her nan's herbal remedies!

Georgina Luck