Gut Transformation Programme

The 6-week Gut Transformation Programme is an intensive gut clearance programme which aims to support individuals who suffer with, unpleasant, gut-related issues. These nagging symptoms are often ongoing for many years. This program incorporates the ‘5R principle’ which has been developed by the Institute of Functional Medicine. It consists of 5 steps- remove, replace, repopulate, repair and re-balance.

The programme aims to help alleviate symptoms related to gut-health such as acne, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, brain fog, fatigue, joint & muscle pain, chronic headaches & migraines and many more.  Since your digestive tract is where most of your immune cells are and where you absorb your nutrients, it makes sense that improving gut health can improve health across the whole body.

The 5R program not only has ability to eliminate your symptoms but it helps heal the gut so you get lasting results.


The reason I have designed this program is for you to have ability to implement new eating patterns which after 6 weeks will become part of your everyday life.


The program includes:


  • IBS questionnaire analysis

  • Medical symptoms questionnaire analysis

  • Data collection sheets

  • Beetroot test

  • Stomach acid self-test (optional)

  • Stool test and analysis (extra cost)

  • 1-hour consultation before programme starts

  • Email support

  • Food list

  • Food, Juice, Smoothie, Soup, fermented foods recipes

  • Meal Recipes

  • Menu planner

  • Supplement regime with all the supplements