Good Nutrition creates health in all areas of your existence. All parts are interconnected. 

T. Colin Cambell

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About Kristina Glenister

My nutritional journey began when I was just a little girl. I was introduced, by my grandmother, to fish oils and various herbal remedies. This ignited my passion for nutrition. I continue to be amazed by how something as simple as changing what we eat can have such a profound impact on so many aspects of our lives.

I have been fortunate to study at West London University, where I gained my BSc Nutritional Therapy degree. I am a registered member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Nutritional science is fast moving with new research findings published daily. I stay current by reading the latest research journals and attending industry leading training courses.

I have a specific interest in:

·         Child nutrition 

·         Digestive issues

·         Stress

·         Weight loss

·         Hormonal issues

·         Immunity and auto-immune conditions

·         Skin conditions

·         Energy and blood sugar management

If you want to explore how nutrition may help you reach your health goals then email now to arrange a free 15min telephone consultation  


Supporting Your Success

Consultation (1  to 1.2 hour, £120)

All consultations are on a one-to one via Zoom online portal. 

Before the consultation, you will be emailed a questionnaire, to be completed and returned, at least 24 hours before your appointment. This allows me to review your case, in advance, and frees up more time to focus on discussing the issues we need to address to optimise your progress.

This Initial consultation lasts 60 minutes. We will discuss all aspects of your health including medical history, presenting symptoms and your goals. A nutrition and lifestyle programme specific to your individual needs will then be emailed to you within two working days. This may include some recommendations regarding supplements and functional tests/investigations i.e. blood tests, allergies etc. Please note, functional test are not included within the consultation price.

Follow-up consultation (45 mins, £75)

It is standard practice to recommend that clients attend a 45-minute follow-up appointment, 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation. This can be done over Zoom. This progress review provides a valuable opportunity to discuss any issues which have come up whilst following the plan.


Where necessary functional tests/investigations, see list below, may be recommended. This enables us to look at how your body is currently functioning and understand why you are experiencing certain symptoms and target these through better food choices and supplements. 

Types of Functional Tests can be offered include:

·         Digestive Function & Infection

·         Food Intolerances (Cyrex)

·         Cardio & Metabolic Tests

·         Micronutrients

·         Methylation Plasma

·         Stress & Thyroid Hormones

·         Male & Female Hormones

·         Neurotransmitters

·         Viral

Functional tests can be sent to wherever you are in the world for your convenience. 

Functional testing will be charged separately.

Scientist in the Lab


I've been working with Kristina for nearly year now and couldn't be happier! Needed nutritionist to my son who has ASD and Kristina helped to us out tremendously!!! After careful consultation (phone and Skype), we did number of tests, she has given me great advice about probiotics and the benefits of healthy gut for children with ASD. I was so happy that she provided help to order highest quality multivitamins, food supplements, also recommended amazing farmers shop which we are using constantly. Kristina always available and helpful whenever I have questions. She focuses on distressing your life and working within the bounds of how much you're capable of changing at any given time.
She doesn't push you too far or too little, just right
After Her caring personality along with her knowledge and passion of food, makes her a trusted source for all things health related.
If you're in search of a healthy nutritionist , definitely contact Kristina.

Jurgita Jakaviciute

I have been fortunate to use Kristina's guidance in my nutrition journey. She was so attentive and thorough making sure she gets the whole picture of where I was then health wise and where I wanted to be, she helped me heal and start a healthy balanced lifestyle with her knowledge and care. Highly recommend!

Monika Holland

Kristina has been incredible helpful, providing me with useful tips and tricks to help my fussy son try healthier foods. Kristina’s nutritional advice is always extremely knowledgeable,in-depth and very encouraging. From the guidance Kristina has provided me with, I am happy to say I have a son who is now willing to try healthy foods and very much enjoys what he is eating. I would definitely recommend Kristina to anyone who needs nutritional advice to live a healthier life. Thanks Kristina

Emma Jane Ellis

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